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Jojo Jambo Jungle Sprite Pack.


play the DEMO here https://didigameboy.itch.io/jojo-jambo-demo

Please rate it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Try this free pack and I made it with a lot of effort and dedication.

Don't forget to play the demo(soon) and see what can be done with it.

This is a tiny pixelart tileset,

  • Tile set jungle and cave, trees, vegetations rocks..
  • UI stuff, life, itens, weapons
  • props, ammo itens, boxes and barrels
  • Complete character anim, shoot in 8 directions, crouch, run jump, rope grinding, death and 40+ spritesheets
  • Enemies, turrets and one big boss
  • Explosions animated, smal and big
  • Audio fx

Also if you can rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I really apreciate the support 🤙🏽


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags2D, assets, Audio, Explosions, free, Pixel Art, platform, Retro


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Jojo Jungle Pack v4.0.zip 513 kB
didigameboy-jojojambo-audio.zip 9 MB
Itchio Licence Asset Pack.url 186 bytes

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Thank you it was very useful

thank you! don’t forget to rate it! ⭐


Hi, i made a game with your epic asset pack, i hope you like it <3

Jojo_Cat by Yusei Umehara (itch.io)

Ahah this was very fun! Thanks! (srry for the late reply comming back sloly after long iatus)


Im using this for my project . It's still rough but if you want to , you can check it here :


Thank you very much for sharing assets!!


check my game i made with your assests https://allawidev.itch.io/bullet-fire


didi you can se my project?  https://samm18.itch.io/demo-warinthejungle    and, thanks for the sprites


people can use the sprites to create a game and comercial that?

yes you can use for commercial game or video


Can I change the headband color for my game the game will be on the app store tho

Yes you can modify the sprites and use it in your game. The only thing you is to redistribuate the asset pack (as it is or modified)


Hello, can I use your sprites/Assets for profit?

Hello! Read the licence! You can use in your comercial project(game, tutorial, video) but not redistribuate/ resell the pack as it as or modified. no nft.

Hi, I used some of your VFX and SFX in my game.



great! Mauricio approuves!


What a luck! I've recently played a game called "Broforce" on Steam. And when i saw those assets i knew where that game got its assets ;) Also they seemed to like the rope-climbing and let that one in. Seriuosly, its a great game.


Haha, it's rather the other way around: Broforce most certainly inspired didigameboy to make their own sprites based off of that game !


Oh haha :D


hi, im korea high school's student.

i want to use your asset  beacause of my game portfolio

can you allow me ?

sure thing, all licences are there with it


Thank you!!!


oye me preguntaba si podría usar tu Sprite para un juego quiero crear un juego.

Hola, oye es de licensia publica, pero si quieres que el te lo diga preguntale en ingles

welcome Can the project be used for the Jam competition?

Sure thing! Well in fact, it depends of the gamejam rules, I’ll update licence, but the only rule is, you can’t redistribuate it(even if you modify it).

Thank you for replying. Jam rules. I can use other resources, provided that I name its owner in a comment to the game. But I have a question after I finished the jam. Can I use the game for a commercial purpose? For example, download my game in the Play Store?
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yes you can, I updated the licence file is now included in the project and the asset zip file. All you can’t do is redistribuate it. Credits are not obliged but appreciated.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey! I love the assets and decided to make a small demo! I hope I can use it to start building an audience. I gave you credit for the art and music of course! I hope you give it a try.

Link: https://2-bit-determine.itch.io/ragnor

Hey I just saw it now, very great implementation, I liked how you did the levels and the one shot insta kill the player ;)

Can I use it in my game

Hello, I love the sprites that you made, can I use them for a project?


These look really cool, can i use them for a mobile game

sure thing


Thank You SO Much

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Can I change the headband color for my game for multiple characters in my game I'm almost done

(2 edits)

Someone just compiled the demo and put it to sell on Steam!! I think there is no legal problem to do this? But its still scamming and not offering any new gameplay that the demo has. The purpose of those assets are to learn and or mix or add different gameplays to it. So I removed the gamemaker source, the purpose was to help begginers with gamemaker, but there are awesome teachers for all engines out there.

I zipped all the audio and putted here for download. https://didigameboy.itch.io/jambo-jungle-free-sprites-asset-pack/devlog/266770/jojo-jambo-audio

cya. make games.


no me aparece el paquete donde estan los sonidos que puedo hacer



What is the license of this pack? Can I use it for commercial projects?


(1 edit)

Yes you can use in commercial projetcs and modify what you want!


Can i use your asset to make a payd game on steam?


srry for the late reply, but yes you can!


Hello sir, can i use your asset for gameloft's game jam contest?? This is very important for me to have a good game

of course you can! give me some news then! good luck!

<3 yeah, thank you very much 

Sensacional. Parabéns pelo trabalho!

obrigado! Tentando um updates mas ta osso o tempo 

Hi, will you release the source code for the demo as promised? Also are you still working on this wonderful art pack?

its a GMS1 source but yeah I'll. I still working on the pack

any chance to see this? thanks!

just did it


You rock <3

I want source demo code

srry for the late reply, I'm paking it, give me some more days

hii, i really like the graphics that you used in demo game. I am just wondering if you are still working on it?

hey thanks! Stopped a while to making assets, sprites and code for jojo coz had to work on comissions and other projects, but who knows..

(1 edit)

ok. actually I am an individual game developer. as I liked the assets, would u mind me working on this game to finish it. i mean i can pay for the assets if u want.

You can send me a proposal to gameboydidi@gmail.com or a message on my twitter so we can discuss if you want to continue this project.

I want to create a game project using this asset, my project need file .plist for spritesheet and i don't see it in downloaded file.

can you share it,I can pay for the full asset if you want. my email: khangthk@gmail.com

well I didn't create a .plist, are you suer you cant generate it? I made this with gamemaker 1 so Idk how to produce one here if not by hand..

NEAT work here!

THX! <3

Deleted 62 days ago
Deleted 62 days ago

Great work :D

Thank you! Making a demo with updates soon! <3

Would you mind if i modify some of the sprites and add them to my little game? 

I will of course give appropriate credit. :)

Oh cool, no prob! hit me when you do it!

Thanks :D