Controller:  A - shoot, B - Jump, RB - lock/aim 

Keyboard: Arrows to move . C - shoot, X- Jump, ctrl - lock/aim

I recommend to  download the demo(windows only) if you can, its faster and bugless.

All sprites are free for use here:


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JojoJamboDemo - Windows 5 MB


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Awesome, but my monitor is 144hz and the game ran too fast, i had to change it to 60hz to enjoy the game XD

Game updated with simple deactivate objects and activate region, this really added some speed performance and remove some slow downs. At some point the music/sfx start bugging, I don’t know yet but it seems browser related. Plz enjoy

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the best rambo like game boom CPLAY love it 


I love it!!!

are you gonna sell the GM source code?

thank you

 Srry the late reply

I was wondering if someone wanted the codes but it needs srly refactoring before going public.

I would want to see the code!

I so needed some health packs when playing... :)


LOL! Thanks for playing! <3

Awesome work here!

thank you purplebit <3