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Hi, will you release the source code for the demo as promised? Also are you still working on this wonderful art pack?

its a GMS1 source but yeah I'll. I still working on the pack

I want source demo code

srry for the late reply, I'm paking it, give me some more days

hii, i really like the graphics that you used in demo game. I am just wondering if you are still working on it?

hey thanks! Stopped a while to making assets, sprites and code for jojo coz had to work on comissions and other projects, but who knows..

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ok. actually I am an individual game developer. as I liked the assets, would u mind me working on this game to finish it. i mean i can pay for the assets if u want.

You can send me a proposal to or a message on my twitter so we can discuss if you want to continue this project.

I want to create a game project using this asset, my project need file .plist for spritesheet and i don't see it in downloaded file.

can you share it,I can pay for the full asset if you want. my email:

well I didn't create a .plist, are you suer you cant generate it? I made this with gamemaker 1 so Idk how to produce one here if not by hand..

NEAT work here!

THX! <3

Nice work. 

Any License? Is it okay to re-distribute it ?

Creative commons 3. yes you can share it, given credits or link to me works I'd appreciate very much.

Great work :D

Thank you! Making a demo with updates soon! <3

Would you mind if i modify some of the sprites and add them to my little game? 

I will of course give appropriate credit. :)

Oh cool, no prob! hit me when you do it!

Thanks :D